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This blog is intended to chart our progress through the self-build process, from half-hearted plot-hunting through to completion of the build. The twist is that we're building the house from timber and straw (hence the blog title).

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Thursday, 10 May 2007

May 10th - Warrant delayed

Spoke to Building control yesterday, a week after sending in my warrant application. Apparently the regs changed on May 1st, and heaps of people submitted their applications at the end of April to sneak in before the change. Typical of me to miss the deadline. In my defence, I had no idea a change was in the offing, and still have no idea what has changed. The upshot is that the department now has a huge backlog, and I was warned that I'll not hear anything for at least a month. This blows my schedule completely out of the water, and I need to investigate the consequences of pressing ahead regardless.

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Ali said...

Just thought you might be interested in my friend's development. It's a strawbale mobile home:

All the best with your project